Five Reasons We Love Zinc Oxide

Five Reasons We Love Zinc Oxide

July 05, 2019

  1. It’s good for you!
    Making every effort to lessen your exposure to chemicals can make a long-term difference in your health and longevity. Sunscreen chemicals like Oxybenzone can penetrate your epidermis and enter your endocrine system. Essentially, these chemicals get through your skin and enter your bloodstream, move around your body, and can wreak DNA havoc on a cellular level. As a result, many sunscreen chemicals can be measured in blood, breast milk, and urine samples. Zinc Oxide sits on the top of your skin where it needs to be, and does not absorb into your skin, effectively providing a layer of armor against damaging UV rays. Easy action: avoid chemical sunscreens.
  2. Zinc Oxide is Ocean Safe and Coral Reef Safe.
    While the two chemical sunscreens Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, have been banned for use in Hawaii due to their detrimental effects on Coral Reefs and Aquatic Ecosystems, 14 of the 16 sunscreens approved by the FDA are similar chemicals and very likely have the same detrimental outcomes of Coral Bleaching and stunting juvenile coral lifecycles. The oceans are under siege from warming ocean temperatures due to Global Warming, Overfishing, Ocean Acidification, Industrial Runoff Pollution etc. The list is daunting and long, but as surfers, divers, paddlers, and world travelers’ small decisions can make a big difference. Sunscreen chemicals are not the number one problem facing Oceans and Coral Reefs, but the cumulative effects of all these challenges are overwhelming. But choosing products with Zinc Oxide is a simple actionable step. Your own health and the health of Aquatic ecosystems will benefit.
  3. Zinc Oxide has Versatility.
    At BurnOut, we make products for a healthy lifestyle. We formulate utilizing different versions of Zinc Oxide. For surfing we recommend BurnOut Ocean Tested Sunscreen and/or the value size, For Family Sunscreen, both for their 80-minute Water Resistant and Reef Safe qualities. On the other end of the spectrum is the simple daily-use BurnOut Face and Body. This is your weapon in the fight against incidental daily UV exposure which can add up quickly. At 18.6% Zinc Oxide, it still packs the high-level Chemical-Free SPF punch, but it’s the lightest, silkiest Zinc Oxide formula on the planet. Best of all - it blends effortlessly with a matte finish!
  4. Zinc Oxide is safe for your family, friends, and the environment around you!
    Have you ever thought of where the chemical ingredients that inhabit many of our sunscreen, personal care, and cleaning products end up when they go down the drain? Out of sight out of mind? NOPE…. Households can be a significant source of toxic chemicals. Most toxic chemicals end up at the sewage treatment plant, where these chemicals are generally not treated by primary treatment techniques. Ultimately, these chemicals can be discharged into the Ocean untreated. Also, when we shower, toxins in hair care products, skin care products, and sunscreens can end up in the ocean. Easy action: choose chemical-free sunscreens, personal care, and cleaning products.
  5. Zinc Oxide provides stable Broad-Spectrum Protection.
    It is essential for your sunscreen to provide broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays, the solar wavelengths proven to damage skin. Most chemical sunscreens generally protect against UVA or UVB, but not both, which is why the list of chemical actives on the back of the sunscreen label can be long. it is necessary to combine a high percentage of multiple chemical sunscreens to create a high SPF broad spectrum product. That can be a lot of chemical exposure. Zinc Oxide as an individual stand-alone sunscreen provides the greatest broad-spectrum protection known to science. So, when you combine personal health goals, goals to limit your individual impact on the environment, and your desire to use a truly broad-spectrum sunscreen, Zinc Oxide is the best choice!

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